THE WHITE STRIPES smashing pumpkins!
March 27, 2004 | 3:52 pm

music: madonna - die another day

well i know its been awhile since i last turned up here but all good things come to those who wait. sory for upsetting those with my depressing last entry but i felt it good to let people know how im feeling, where ive been at and whats bad with me.

so whats good with me... well im living on my own at the moment. waiting for the council to put me in a proper house but until then im fine where i am. in fact i dont want to leave as the flat is absolutly gorgeous. big double bed, modern kitchen and all that. only problem is its in the middle of a dodgy area. but i dont mind. once you've lived in a place like south oxhey you can basically live anywhere!

havent had my cancer scare appointment yet. thats going to be 6 days after my 24th birthday (which is on the 16 april for those who want to send me an ecard to [email protected] - or just want to be an epal!) but still have my bi-polar tendancies. according to psychiatrists that will never go away. for those who dont know what bi-polar disorder is its also known as manic depression and apparently ive had it all my life

now im on my own i do nothing but write. im writing a witchcraft themed short story at the moment, although have loads more going on as well, and its called smashing pumpkins! and i absolutly am thrilled to bits with it. ill probably post it up here one day when im so happy that its got published just so you can have a free peek!

from me, ill see you next week!


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